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Reading Update: March


March is the perfect month for reading. The days are mostly grey and chilly. The wind is blowing. We lose an hour of sleep early in the month which makes me tired the whole month. March was also a great month for reading because I traveled into Philly by train on three occasions which offered reading time and I also had a procedure on my back at the beginning of the month which saw me spend two days resting and in bed. When I wasn't sleeping or knitting, I was reading! Mysteries again, were the genre of choice. I did sprinkle a couple of fiction books in the mix, but the myteries kept me going this month.


The first read of the month is one of my favorites. A Murder at Balmoral kept me guessing to nearly the end. I did finish a couple of series this month, Emmie Caldwell's A Craft Fair Knitters Mystery Series was only three books. Without realizing it, I read the last two books in March. I also read the last two books in another mystery series, this one by Terri Thayer. A Stamping Sisters Mystery features a group of women who, stamp. It was a fun and light read.


The funniest book I read this past month was, Feel The Bern. I laughed out loud and I hope there is another in the works. Sometimes you need a good laugh, or two. I started a new series during March, a quilting mystery. My library only had the one book so I need to put in a request for the others, but at the moment I really don't need to add more books to my to be read pile.

My favorite book last month was Killers of a Certain Age. It was definitely a mystery but not cozy by any stretch of the imagination. If you happen to see it, pick it up. The characters are well-developed and keenly crafted. It takes place in the current time period with flash backs to the late 70's, and 80's. Without giving too much away, the focus is on a group of women as they approach retirement age. It is entertaining and suspenseful. I did quit one book in March, Murder in the City of Liberty. I was not fond of the setting and I did not really enjoy the characters. There are really too many books that I enjoy to push myself to read something that doesn't feel like a good fit.

I added a little stamping to my reading journal this month which helped me to feel like I was being creative! I read a total of 16 books in March which totaled 4,610 pages. My goal this year was to read 50 books and as of the end of March, I've read 28. More than half way there!

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